Hello group,

Can you help with a situation we have? Thanks in advance.


User logs onto a windows domain (server NT 4.0)
User workstation Windows 2000
User logs onto workstation and uses standard email (outlook) and word etc. Settings and desktops are set to the way the user likes them to be. All OK.

Now...Here comes the problem

User logs off workstation
Administrator logs onto workstation
Administrator logs off of workstation
User logs onto workstation the next morning
Desktop appears as the default (new) user
IE wizard has to be used to access internet
.pst and email configuration missing in action
Cannot locate the .pst file on the server or the local system

We are suspicious that the user may be deleting profile (this is the fourth time this event has happened)
Any ideas? Tools to determine if profile and file deletion has taken place?

Thanks again.