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Thread: Alternate "Wrapper" Programs

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    Question Alternate "Wrapper" Programs

    Hey guys,

    I'm building an installation module that will unpack certain files to a temp directory, copy files into other directories, and then finish with a .bat script to clean things up.

    eLiteWrAp {http://homepage.ntlworld.com/chawmp/elitewrap/} was nice, but the problem is, most AV's detect any output it generates as a virus. Im looking for an alternate wrapper to combine programs and scripts into one .exe that will execute when the main file is ran. Im working on a Windows XP

    Any ideas?

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    Even though your sick of my posts.....try http://www.astalavista.com they have alot of binding programs there
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    Its very simple to take the binary of 2 files and place them into one. No big deal that you figured it out.
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    into one .exe that will execute when the main file is ran.
    why would you need that it runs automaticly ?

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