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Thread: Children fuel internet explosion

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    Children fuel internet explosion

    Children are leading the way when it comes to venturing into cyberspace, surfing the net for music and games.
    A year ago around 10 million boys and girls in Europe were using the web, e-mail and instant messaging.
    However, parents should continue to monitor their children's activities and the amount of time they spend on the internet, especially if they are using chatrooms."
    can you think what the kids that were born like 1990, 1989 will be like ... i mean i have a neighbor he has kids they are like 5-6 yeras old and they go online and browse ... any coments ?

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    and yet I doubt they're allowed to cross the main road o.o


    the natural solution to this is that families with computer literate children and non-computer literate parents tend to get AOL... with all it's restricted functionailty....

    it kinda solves itself.

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    My generation (1960s) was addicted to television. Whatever was broadcast
    by the networks, we faithfully watched. Conversations began with "Did you
    see what was "on" last night." When I married and had children, I was determined
    not to let the TV execs control my kids' minds.

    We have no TV. My kids have their own computers. They watch DVD movies, trade
    music, instant message etc etc etc. The net is interactive, so it doesn't breed
    the kind of intellectual passivity that TV did. TV will soon be dead.

    There are great new challenges and dangers in the new technology, but
    kids seem up to the challenge, and are fast learners. What they need,
    though, is a longer attention span and more patience, so they can
    outgrow the "script kiddie" phase of their computer experience,
    and look at more complex things than glitzy GUI apps and games.
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    rcgreen: "We have no TV" OHHHHH!!! the shear pain of the thought of no telivision....
    Ph the agony...

    My parents were nice thay had 2 tellyes....
    and when we only had one and it blew up thay borrowed one for us....

    Oh telly... Dear sweet telly...


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    I use the computer alot but I don't think I could go on living without the tv.

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    The only time I do watch the tv is to watch the screen savers, call for help other than that I am online reading tech papers, reference manuals and other things

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    I don't know. CNN, VH1 and the Weatherchannel are cool. I like to surf with something to drown out my PC's cooling system.

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    TV is only good for watching Raiders games when you live in Detroit...... OH.... and they have a thing called the animal planet on it too.... that's pretty cool..... Other than that it's mostly BS....
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    FoodTV is my Favorite. I love to cook and then recursively eat the bounty. Children today have something that we could not fathom. INSTANT access to information. How many times have you all had a disagreement and turned to the internet for instant access to information and clarification. It's building a better society and people are begining to see a larger world and speak with people they would never have 10 years ago. I mean I can almost instantly converse with someone in Russia, Africa, the UK or Austrailia. Neat stuff.
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    I dont watch much tv. Mainly because there just isnt that much on. Well besides family guy and futurama on cartoon network as well as the great stuff on FoodTV as RoadClosed pointed out. And so i agree. I cant entirely go without tv but the internet does get my mind running and working harder than it would with tv. There is just so much out there that you can discover its almost insane.

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