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Thread: Cpu Fail?

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    1. It is NOT the CPU.......................it would not POST if it were.
    2. It is NOT the RAM.......................you would have had an error message during POST
    3. I doubt if it is the HDD, they tend to work or not? Although it is a possibility, so check the connections, you might have moved something when you took the NIC card out?

    Sounds like software corruption to me.

    I suspect the sneaky security "feature" in XP, that maps to your hardware configuration to stop you ripping off Uncle Bill by loading the software onto more than one machine. You changed your hardware environment. As has already been said "XP doesn't" like that

    How do you boot into RedHat..............I would imagine it is through XP?.....so if XP is in trouble, you may not get a clean shot at your RH boot?............I guess if all else fails you might have to reinstall XP, but try the repair option first.

    I had a load of problems with XP at first due to adding hardware I think.............it is quite stable now, but I must have re-installed 3 times to get there. My own fault ....I should have finished building the machine first

    Good luck

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    Not to argue Nihil, but I just had a system that was had run fine for over a year and then started giving STOP 0As at boot. Wouldnt get in with safe mode, wouldnt reinstall, etc. Turned out it was a bad dimm. The memory tester in bios isn't the best, to really check a stick of memory you need to run a good utility against it. I've also seen this with a bad bios chip on the board. Particually a K7N2 Mb with an athlon 2400, system got hosed, would post, detect all the hardware, but did the fun stop messages at boot, and funnily enough, if you went into the bios setup, and just let it sit long enough, it would lock up in bios setup too. Seemed to lock or generate a stop after about 2 minutes of being up.

    Trying to boot into redhat is a good suggestion, if he boots into it and it has a kernel dump or whatnot, that might help pinpoint the problemo.

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    I actually experienced the same problem very recently. I tried safe mode and still the same message. I thought the motherboard was failing so I replaced that. Still I received the same error, even after a format and reload. Then I switched memory and hard drives and still received the same error message. Then I swapped operating systems and still the same message. I found out researching the error message it could have been almost anything, but then I swapped out processors and it booted right up. this error message seems to be the worst because what I have read varied from the OS being the problem to RAM being the problem....So my advice would be to swap parts out and test if you have spare parts. This was a funny problem for me because I knew it couldn't be the processor and I was wrong. I would at least give a CPU swap a chance because it definitly worked for me.

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    I`m having the same problem with one of my boxes at the moment, i havn`t had chance to sort it yet but i`m leaning towards it being a problem with the hard drive or ide cable. have you tried a diffrent ide cable and hard drive on your computer? if you havnt then it would be worth trying.
    failing that then RebelToTheEnd`s advice is you only route.


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    it didnt boot when i put the nic back in, i took that nic out cause i used to use it as a firewall, for testing and stuff, i had two in it. so i took one out, to use a couterstike machine, and it gave me all this mess. but i will try reloading everything, and formating in ntfs. then load red hat 8, if that doesnt work, then just gonna go through the long process of redoing everything. lol, try first w/ the cable and go one by one, until the ram and procesor. thanx for all your guys help though.

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    i just thought i`d follow up on my earlier post. I got round to fixing the box that had the same errors, it turned out to be just the ide cable, i swapped it over and now theirs no problems.
    It may not work for you but its good to know that things can be fixed so cheaply!


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    lol, i ran throuhg everything including ide cabels, even took the processor out, started it up, and then re sat it after it was power down, it worked for my other machine that had some prob. but anyways got to the ram, the slots are all filled up w/ 3 128 sticks of pc133 ram, so i took them all out, and resat them one by one, until i got a error, it happened to be just resitting the ram for some reason, cause the box runs w/ no prob at all. no errors, in fact jus got done installing red hat 8, w2k, and xp. but thanx for the advice for future errors on other machines. thanx

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