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    Microsoft faces possible class-action suit over security breaches

    Microsoft Corp. could face a proposed class-action lawsuit in California based on the claim that its market-dominant software is vulnerable to viruses capable of triggering "massive, cascading failures" in global computer networks.
    The lawsuit comes in the wake of two major viruses that have recently taken advantage of flaws in Microsoft software.
    MSBlaster ? hehe

    anyhoo heres the source : http://www.computerworld.com/governm...,85631,00.html

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    Well it was only a matter of time until that happened.

    Btw memory nice sig and avatar!

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    Well I say it is about time. Other companies get class action law suits for various problems with their products why not Microsoft for their coding. Maybe then they will not rush releases, or at least pay closer attention to detail.

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    there's a reason it's vulnerable to a lot of viruses, it's the most used operating system in the world. That law suit shouldn't go through just because every operating system is susceptible to damaging viruses.

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    You make a good point st1ky.

    I wonder what the true legal position is? An operating system is designed to run a computer, not guard Fort Knox? It is supposed to be run in an ideal safe environment?...........or shall we start sending the victims to prison, rather than the criminals.

    I am not saying that M$ is perfect...........far from it..............but is it their duty to curb the actions of criminals? I would have thought that was the responsibility of the owner of the computer.

    If you believe that it is, I have a very simple question for you:

    A competent car thief will steal you auto in about 10 seconds...............where are the class actions against Ford and General Motors?

    Final point...read the EULA

    Just my 0.02.....................interesting topic


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    Good point, considering Windows is the widely used OS then it will be the most vulnerable for attacks. Oh yeah and I forgot about the EULA....great point This will be interesting to see how this will play out in the courts.

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    Microsoft will win, its not there problem if virusis are made to attack a vulnerablility, thats there job, and its the job of anti virus programs to take care of the virusis. If your so worried about being attacked by a virus Ill tell you the most full proof way of not getting a virus. A way no one can access your computer with out you giving them permession. Here i is, you all ready. Un plug it and put it back in the box. Its obvious that more viruses attack windows, but I wonder what the ration would be if you took every different OS in use then calculated how many viruses attack each one, then convert that into a percentage. Im thinking that Microsoft would still be ahead but not by such mind blowing number.
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    Here's my thinking and subsequent opinion...

    **Background Logic**
    1. Windows isn't necessarily more prone to viruses than Linux or Mac, you just hear about them more becasue it is the most widely used OS on the planet. How it got to be in that position is a whole different story/rant/whatever.

    2. We all know that the more complex an OS is, the more bugs and vulnerabilities there will be in it. Here in lies Microsoft's problem. They're complex as hell, I'm sure we'd all agree.

    Because of the above two statements, I tend to feel that it is Microsoft's duty to protect their customers and make their product as secure as possible. They wanted to dominate the market and now, through various tactics, they do. With that position, I believe, comes the responsibility to ensure that their product is stable, safe, and isn't going to render 90-someting percent of the worlds computers useless for a period of time when something major hits.

    Now, granted they will never be able to fix all of the possible bugs and vulnerabilities that may exist, no one can. But they should at least make an effort to get out as many as possible, especially the more serious ones. They can accomplish this, reasonably enough, by taking a bit more time to test and debug their products. Would it kill them to hold off on their next big release, whatever it maybe, and test it for an additional six months?? Probably not.

    Now granted, this doesn't strictly apply to Microsoft, it can apply to just about any software company. But it should apply *more* to M$ since they are used more than anything else.

    My $.02...


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