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    Current Misc News

    Half-Life 2 source leaked

    Since late yesterday, reports have spread that the source code for Half-Life 2 was leaked and was illicitly posted on the Web. Valve's Gabe Newell has today confirmed in a post on the Half-Life2.net forum that the file that is circulating is indeed the Half-Life 2 source code and said that it was stolen from Valve's network two weeks ago.

    Microsoft patches Exchange glitch

    Microsoft released a patch Thursday for a newly discovered incompatibility between the new version of the company's Outlook e-mail client and an older version of the Exchange mail server program.

    ATI pays Cirrus Logic $9m for graphics patents

    ATI and Cirrus Logic have settled their legal dispute with a patent cross-licensing agreement - the standard outcome in such cases.

    Yahoo!, Microsoft Join On Games

    Faster than you can say Zap! Pow! Biff! Bang!, the big boys got bigger as Yahoo! Games Thursday announced a new partnership with Microsoft Game Studios.

    ESR: After Sun Goes Out

    Sun Microsystems crossed the line from "troubled " to "doomed " yesterday. This is sad news for the open-source community, and we need to think about how we're going to deal with it. The most pressing questions are "What becomes of Java?" and "What becomes of OpenOffice.org?" These are questions that matter.

    Lawsuits dampen Kazaa use

    Online music piracy appears to be waning in the wake of the music industry's latest legal offensive involving hundreds of lawsuits against internet users suspected of unauthorised file-swapping.

    Internet Explorer Vulnerability Exploited Again

    Security experts say a Trojan horse directed traffic from popular Web sites to an IP address designated by the attacker.

    Napster ready for test launch

    Pioneering song-swapping internet service Napster is to make a legal return to business, two years after it was shut down.

    Report: IM Viruses on the Rise

    Instant messaging might be one of the hottest new channels of communications to hit the enterprise, but it's also widely known to bring with it a myriad of security holes, if the IM used is of the public, consumer-grade variety.

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    Well Memory I must say that's a lot of new in one thread. Thanks for the links man, am really get up to date with the news by just reading your threads and today you gave me an hours worth.

    Thanks again man.

    Since late yesterday, reports have spread that the source code for Half-Life 2 was leaked and was illicitly posted on the Web.
    That's real sad. I hope it doesn't affect them too much.

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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