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Thread: Latest trojan.qhosts

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    Latest trojan.qhosts

    Some info i thougt you might want to know about. This one got me and I update my virus defs daily.


    Please see initial reports from Sophos;

    At the time of writing Sophos has received no reports from users affected by
    this trojan. However, we have issued this advisory following enquiries to
    our support department from customers.

    Troj/Qhosts-1 is a Trojan that changes the Windows primary DNS server
    setting so that all infected machines use the same host for the DNS queries.
    If the number of infected computers is high, it may effectively launch a
    denial of service attack on the DNS server.
    Troj/Qhosts-1 also "hijacks" Internet Explorer browser usage so that web
    request are redirected to the server chosen by the Trojan writer. The Trojan
    is installed and run if a user visits a web page that exploits a
    vulnerability in Internet Explorer. A VB script embedded in the web page is
    run automatically when the page is viewed using Internet Explorer.

    The VB script drops and runs file aolfix.exe to the user's temporary folder.
    Aolfix.exe is a Windows batch file that is converted to the Windows binary
    executable using the demo version of the Batch file Compiler V5.1 utility.
    Aolfix.exe creates a hidden folder bdtmp\tmp, extracts a batch file with a
    random name and runs the batch file.

    The batch file creates several files in the Windows folder. The file Hosts
    is responsible for Internet Explorer "hijack". Troj/Qhosts-1 copies the file
    HOSTS into the folder <Windows>\Help and appendes the original HOST file to

    The Trojan changes the registry values

    HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\DataBasePath and

    so that the Trojan copy of the HOSTS files is used by the system. There are
    few known variants of the Trojan. Depending on the variant the Trojan may
    set some other registry values, such as

    EnableDNS = 1
    NameServer = or,
    Hostname = "host"
    Domain= "mydomain.com"

    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
    ProxyEnable= 00000000
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
    Use Search Asst=no
    Search Page= http://www.google.com
    Search Bar=http://www.google.com/ie

    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search

    r0x=your s0x
    r0x=your s0x

    Some of the variants drop and run VB script o.vbs into the Windows folder.
    The script attempts to use Windows Management Instrumentation to change the
    primary DNS server setting for the network interface.

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    Thanks for the update on this one..... I keep my virus def. as up-to-date as possible (AVG Free) and I was hit by this as well.... Confused the hell outta me for a lil bit and then I browsed to google using the IP and ran a search at the same time that you threw up this thread. It's definately a dirty lil bugger, caused a whole shitload of problems for me since google is my main reference.
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    Since I am not the only one infected. i guess my config seems to be quite standard. I was wondering, how do we protect against this. Virus defs are already the latest and they didnt protect me. Is there something that I missed that could have protected me. The infection was from a website. AV didnt pick it up. If anyone says to stop surfing i'm gonna kick their a$$.....LOL..

    Just would like some opinions.

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    also, from Trend Micro

    TROJ_QHOSTS.A Technical Details

    a link therein provides the following M$ security Bulletin

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-032

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    Just another article about this. Looks like another hole we have to patch.


    the M$ security bulletin saying that Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer (822925) solves this problem is not true as you can read in the article i have linked to above. the patch was supposed to solve the problem but M$ recently realised that it doesnt.

    Sure make me have a lot of faith in M$ patches, not that i had any to begin with.

    they are still working on a patch for this and do not know when it will be available. What a surprise!!

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    "how do we protect against this. Virus defs are already the latest and they didnt protect me. Is there something that I missed that could have protected me."

    Use a third party browser www.mozilla.org mozilla-firebird is very fast and has many useful plugins ,mozilla is a little bloated but has many good features ,plus it has a quite good security record. Personally i would not touch IE or outlook express.
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    agree that using another browser might prevent this but the problem is when you are in the office and you are only allowed to install certain programs only and mozilla is not on the list. At home i dont use IE or but in the office I do not have a choice.

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    In the bulletin I referenced above M$ states
    Subsequent to issuing this security bulletin, Microsoft received reports that the patch provided with this bulletin does not properly correct the Object Type Vulnerability (CAN-2003-0532)
    Later in the bulletin
    Microsoft is investigating these reports and will re-issue this bulletin with an updated patch that corrects these problems.
    I guess that is their way of saying they donít know how to fix it yet??
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    Avant Browser is also quite good http://www.avantbrowser.com/
    You may wish to disable VB script using the tool below.

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    Arnt virus def's updated after new viruses are discovered (that is hit computers)???


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