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Thread: Brillant VB tutorials

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    Brillant VB tutorials

    This post itself isn`t a tutorial so i`m sorry if i`ve posted this in the wrong area, if i have then hopefully a moderator will move it to a correct area.
    I just thought i`d share the link for this site:


    I`ve had to learn VB for a college course and have been looking at various sites over the last few days and this is by far the best tutorial site i have come across.
    It contains information about other subjects like JavaScript and Perl as well.

    Hope someone else finds this as usefull as i am.


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    i wouls say a1vbcode.com and planetsourcecode.com are also great sites for VB resources and sample codes. A great way to learn it to take a source code already written by someone, change something, run it and see what changed. Thats how i learned.
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    unless its a tutorial YOU have written it should go in general chit chat unless it belongs in another...an understandable mistake if you havnt read the faqs. do yourself a favor. read the faqs. it would also be wise to delete this post and put it where it belongs. you could wind up on the way to getting banned if you dont
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