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    Question Network Resources Blocked???

    Do ISP's block network resource traffic?

    When I am at home I cannot use 'net use' , 'net view' or any of the resources.(The error I get is System 53)
    They work fine on my internale subnet actually its just wehn I attempt to go beyond the router.
    When I am at work these work fine but we are on the business line of the same porvider.

    I was thinking maybe they block this (Cox in Southern California) to prevent spammers from abusing 'net send'
    but I cannot seem to find any information about it on my providers web site.

    Anyone familiar with this?
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    Yes I believe that ISPs will do that. They may not have in the past, but it might have been brought in recently to combat the traffic caused by recent worms scanning ISP subnets for vulnerable machines? Home machines are usually much more likely to be infected.


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    I work at my local ISP and i have not heard of it being done where i work but i do belive that its possible. I don't see what i would be done unless you personally ask for it.
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    Some ISP's will block certain traffic. A well known ISP in the northeast area blocks certain traffic such as sunrpc, netbios, finger, etc.... they do this cause to stop malicious traffic and worms like nihil said. If a company needs to use netbios or finger or other services that potentially could be exploited, chances are they have private data circuits to these networks.

    If you're trying to use the 'net' commands to talk to some machine at work, if you connect via a VPN, or via dial-up (with the proper authentication of course ) those 'net' commands should work.

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