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Thread: Google to Expand Keyword Matching

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    Google to Expand Keyword Matching

    Google notified its 150,000 advertisers on Friday that it would expand its keyword matching to show paid listings on related search terms, while also increasing the performance standards for such ads.

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    That's really cool but i'm not really sure that google needs to do that. i mean, you punch somehting in right now and you get mor eamtches than you can go through in a day. but i guess it's for money just like everything else. or do you know why theyre doing this. is there some key point that im overlooking?

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    I would almost guarentee it's for money. I tried spending a few K on google and the results weren't really worth it. Sounds like google's getting greedy. I guess it would get smaller players more exposure for their ad. I always liked the approach of focusing on those niche keywords, so I guess this would kind of kill that technique.

    I think for now I'll stick to local advertising,
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    tried spending a few K on google and the results weren't really worth it.
    Our advertiser consulted me asking if he should start the "campaign" I told him no yet he still went ahead with it. And just like nether we didn't get much for the gees we dropped.

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