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    Unhappy tcp/ip

    tcp means transfer control protocol,protocol means a set of rules and regulations ...
    if a mail has to go from the sender to the destination it has to accept the rules of tcp,what are the rules, i want it damn deeply...what must be satisfied inorder to go from the sender to the destination....please be soooon to reply

    thank you
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    TCP must have a connection established befre it can send anything. In a TCP connection theres what we call a handskake. I'm in a bit of a hurry right now so let me give you a link.



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    TCP is a connection-oriented Protocol, it garantees that the end-station receives the data with various checks and balances, if not it gets resent. This is different in UDP as it is a connection-less protocol and can send data without first establishing a connection to the end-station.

    Along with links that Cheyenne gave you, check this one as well.

    Transmission Control Protocol

    hope i added some insight.

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