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Thread: Help, Help Linux Newbie

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    Help, Help Linux Newbie

    Hello Guys!!!
    I have hope that some one can help me out here,,, i have a PIII where there are two harddisks on one there is Windows 98 and on the other there is a Linux 9, Than i have a PI on which i have installed only Linux 7 ( Red Hat on both).
    I wana Do the Networking between both of them, i have Lan card in both the system,,, an anyone help me ut with it,,, any sort of information is welcommed,,,,, even if you can tell me some webstie to reffer.

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    well since it's redhat,
    lets see if they have faqs (Frequently Asked Questions).

    And while we are at it.. A Linux Newbie guide..
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    To configure networking for your LAN (Linux side) use Linuxconf, do the following:

    1. Open the Linuxconf configuration tool
    2. Select Config/Networking/Client Tasks/Basic Host Information from the menu
    3. Click the adaptor tab and find your network card
    4. Addressing information can be assigned here
    Manual IP
    BOOTP (replaced by DHCP in many cases)

    Select DHCP if your router is configured to serve IP addresses
    Create an alias for your machine (FQDN) Fully Qualified Domain Name

    Do the same on each system and make sure they have the same subnet and IP address range
    Set gateway (usually router) if router is used or this could be a single system

    All of the above can be done with the GUI or command line if you feel brave

    check www.redhat.com for FAQ's and the docs that come with your software. If you downloaded....download the manuals.

    Go to a computer store and pickup a book Red Hat Bible..A good book
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