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Thread: Nice AO members please read this

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    Nice AO members please read this

    My name is david and i am new hear...I was chewed out for asking how to get Antipoints....

    I have a couple questions..How come i cant post any threads exepts for in the "how do i?" thingy.....ANd again...How do i Get AntiPoints And what are they for?...And please...DOnt give me negative points for thing...IM just trying to get settled in...THnx

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    if you read the FAQs they will tell you everything you need to know...
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    Oh Dear...... I'm not sure how to describe you..... So i'll start with the obvious question:-

    How old are you?
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    How do i Get AntiPoints And what are they for?...
    If you answer a question with a smart answer or if you start a thread with usefull information you will get positive antipoints,what they are for ? they kinda represent your contribution level to AO ...dont worry abour your 2 red dots i once had 2 red ones too ..start posting usefull informtion and we will give you positive antipoints... when you get over 50 positive antipoints you will be able to assign antipoints to other users with a negative or positive value ..(you click on the "Assign Positive or Negative Antipoints to this post" link on top of a reply ) thats your choice...the more positive points you get the more value your assigned antipoints will be ...i hope i answered your question there ..( when you assign lets say antipoints to me you have to assign points to ten other people before you can give some to me again ) ..and for the thread if you go to a forum there should be a "New Thread" button on the lef side on top of the forum you can click that and start a new thread ..please watch where you start your thread because we have a forum for every topic ....

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    Define "nice" please. I think I can speak for all of us "nice" AO members on this subject.


    Oh...Welcome to AO

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    Antionline: How do I? are for posts about Antionline itself. Sometimes we move posts out of this area if a) they are a question about how to install linux (as an example) or b) they have deviated from their original place.

    I certainly believe that AO is a good place but like many places, long time members see many questions over and over again that are found in FAQs. In addition, this can be a quirky place and it has it's own oddities. If you get beyond the cover, you'll find lots of info and such. Patience is a virtue and learning -- sometimes the hard way -- can be beneficial.

    As for your questions, those were answered http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=249290 . You may also want to use the Search feature to find other threads on AntiPoints (there have been many).

    Hope this helps.
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    Start by reading the FAQ (click on the words FAQ

    also...maybe if i could give you a piece of advice. Change your mood, or choose different words.

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    AO is a good place. I'm new here too and what I like about AO is that there's a lot of sharing information. That means that there's a lot of people actively searching info - finding stuff - and then posting it here. I suppose because of the nature of it, people get tired of getting the same posts over and over when the information that is being sought after is already on the site in FAQs or previous posts. As far as antipoints go, I've never been too concerned and they're certainly not the best thing AO has to offer. On getting a hard time... don't worry that happens to me every day at work - that's life, and life's not always fair.

    Good luck and stick with it.

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    You know we aren't that nasty here, some of us just never realy learnt to express ourselvs properly. my fav line is RTFM..

    unlike earlier stated
    READ THE FAQ!!!..
    I prefer to say..
    now that is nicer?

    but when ever you post a question it is only polite to at least acknowledge that you have READ THE FLAMING ADVICE..or RTFA.. and if you don't understand ask another question.. simple.. if you get flamed.. have a look at how your saying things.. in the Tutorials you will find threads relating to what is the comunity expectation.. and even good tech advice..

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    ok after talking to him about 15 minutes on AIM i determined that he is an idiot ..here is a part of the conversation .... too bad i closed the IM window ...

    IrishKiD3223: lolol
    Auto response from Remote Phire: Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with knowledge.
    IrishKiD3223: i win
    IrishKiD3223: by the way....ive got some major ass A.D.D
    IrishKiD3223: lol
    IrishKiD3223: check your AO inbox
    Auto response from Remote Phire: Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with knowledge.
    IrishKiD3223: i sent you somthing that i quarenty will make you a little bit dumber
    IrishKiD3223: guarenty
    before that he said that his friend wrote MSBlast then he want cheese ?? and also called the AOcomunity "****ers" ....

    here is the PM

    I was like...and then he was like...and then i was like..NO WAY...and he was like..no dude, im not lieing , and i was like you are to..and the SHE was like..im hungry..and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....and i was like...and he was like....and she was like....And then I killed them all....


    And the moral of the story is!
    after that i blocked him

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