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    Human Genes Made to Fit on Dime-Size Chip

    Scientists from two rival companies announced Thursday they had succeeded in placing vital bits of man's 30,000 genes on a chip the size of a dime, bringing so-called personalized medicine one step closer to reality.

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    When I was 21 or so, a coworker - whom I deemed religous fanaticus was trying to explain to me that my ATM card ,that could be used at all sorts of locations, was indeed the "mark of the beast" and he would have no part in it. I bet he is moving to some remote part of Alaska at that news, talk about "marking" citizens! I could see the same look on his face when I showed up at the company halloween party as the Devil. He took me to a corner and tried to explain what I was representing. I said "Ok" then and put my hood on and said, just pretend I am Gabrial. That was even worse.
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