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Thread: The ultimate in spyware

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    The ultimate in spyware

    Many critics of the proposal have warned that such systems will wrest computer control from consumers and place it in the hands of software companies and digital-content owners.

    They want to cripple our hardware to have "digital rights management"
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    Microsoft, IBM, Intel and other companies have teamed to create hardware that would secure the world's personal computers and win the trust of service and digital-content providers.
    ya what the h#%l are they thinking i did'nt think m$ could make anything secure.....

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    Its not so much making it secure as trying to lock users down with their software. They couldnt make anything secure but then when there is enough $ involved and they have a chance to lock users down ad monipolise things, they will find a way to make their software secure.

    Just think about it, if they succeed in this, users wont be able to change their software and anything that doesnt conform to their ideas will be locked out. Of course this will be secure, if I put you in a prison in the middle of the desert without access to anything, you wouldnt be able to escape.

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