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    Question Problem regarding LINUX

    I've come across a very strange problem 2 weeks ago, which i think will be very interesting and amazing for most of u.

    It started while I was installing LINUX RED HAT 9. WHen the installing was about to end i eventually switch off the power of the computer. After starting it back after 3 hours i formatted the partition and converted it back to FAT 32. Now the amazing thing was that the partition was doubled in size my rest of the partitions are ok. I've tried to copy stuff in the partition and its working, I mean i can completely use it. Before this incident the size of partition was 7 GB now its 14 GB. I have 40 GB HD of Segate.

    Im very much curious about this, does anyone have any sort of explanation about this.
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    how much space is the other partition? ...maybe it's just something messed up ...i think if you try to put something over 7 GB on that partition you'll get an error ..just my guess

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