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Thread: AIM Booters And punters

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    AIM Booters And punters

    Does ANy One KNow of any AIM booters or punters that actually work?

    PLz give me a link if you do

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    Hi David Jensen.. aka IrishKid3223.. aka IrIsHASSasIN..

    I was hoping you'd learn how to behave yourself in your latest incarnation.
    (aka.. coming back from the dead/banned)

    but here you are asking for kiddie tools.. I guess you never did bother to read the FAQ's, huh ? a big "hacker" like yourself ("Biography Hacker of 2 years.... ) should know how to find all the kiddie tools already.. jeeze.. why do you need OUR help, huh ?

    I'm going to let you slide on giving you negs this one time only but you can be damn sure that I'll be following your every move, and as soon as you start spouting off telling us to "**** ourselves" I'll be waiting with my neg antipoints.. <evil grin>

    and gee next time you're banned.. and you come back, why don't you make it a little less obvious as to who you were when you were banned ?

    by the way.. not to insult you or anything.. but that picture of you at Neos PlayHouse
    makes you look like you're 8 yrs old.. maybe you could add a mustache with photoshop ?

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    Thread closed, don't start this crap Irishkid.

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