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    Login Router

    I have buyed me a new router, because i should have a lan with some friends and share my ADSL connection. In the guide it was written a username... When i log on the router and writed that username, it would'nt work... What should i do??? Help Me!!!


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    In order to help, it helps to provide some basic info such as:

    What kind of router is it?

    How are you logging into it? (telnet, browser)

    When you bought it was it from a store or was it from online (like ebay.com)?
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    I know this sounds dumb but did you check the caps and spelling of the id and password that you entered. It should be somewhere in the manual. You might also want to try resetting the router by pressing a button on the router this wil reset all the settings to the default. The password might have been changed or somehow got scrambled. You might want to try these 2 suggestions, if that doesnt help then as Msmittens suggested more info would be helpful.

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    When i got my router(Belkin) there was no username so try logging in with out an username.

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