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    Database Information

    I know how to Make databases. But i dont know how to put information in or take it out. i want to have users. so they can sign up and log in. And only members can see certain pages.
    If anybody could send me a script or show me a tutorial that would be great. If you need more of an explanation please ask.

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    First we need to know the database type flat-file, SQL e.t.c

    Then we would have to know what launguage you're writing the script in, like PHP, Perl, Python....

    Whether your doing it yourself or not if you google, you'll usually find some good tutorials.

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    use INSERT to add things
    use UPDATE to change them
    use SELECT to lookup things.
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    Well i'm using Mysql 4. and i would probably use Php. for the scripting

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    Those two places can teach you some SQL commands

    such as the select command, create table command etc.

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    Somethigs messed up with my database. Its not starting. I can't get it started. What happened? What could be the problem?

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