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Thread: Email Security question

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    Email Security question


    I seem to be having an email security problem with getting emails from addresses like (epjxn@eodluhrvap.net) these are totally fictitious email domains.

    I have traced them to the domain of (link.route.antipuff.nom.br) which in turn gave me an ip address of the domain....... I've already tried pinging it but can't seem to get any reply. How do I stop this email spam? they have a remove link but it doesn't work half the time, and the other half i've responded to. I'm beginning to think that they are not removing my email address. or they are changing their fake domain so much that it wouldn't matter. I've blocked the domain in my email program and i still recieve the emails. here is the beginning of the whois info...

    any help?

    owner: Felipe Martins dos Santos
    ownerid: 315.757.808-10
    address: Rua Capitão Antonio Raposo Barreto, 207,
    address: 12091-530 - Taubaté - SP
    phone: (12) 36355503 []
    owner-c: FMS272
    admin-c: FMS272
    tech-c: FMS272
    billing-c: OMJ21

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    Set up a filter. Like
    DELETE>>IF HEADER CONTAINS>>link.route.antipuff.nom.br

    Try that. I belive that if your using Outlook Express you can download a filter AddOn
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    Hi H4,

    In general it does you more harm to request to be removed from a "bogus" email list. The administrators of these types of farms look for this activity as it tells them that they don't have to purge your name because it "is alive". One of the better methods you can use would be to stop responding as a first step then.....

    Check with your ISP about what they offer in the way of SPAM control. Many offer this a part of the service now at no extra cost.

    Obtain some spam blocking software like Deersoft SpamAssassin or SpamCop

    Clearswift, NetIQ, McAfee SpamKiller 4.0, , GFI, and SurfControl

    I am not sure if you use a Microsoft email client like Outlook if you DON'T and happen to use Eudora try....

    Spamnix for Eudora


    These are basic DNS server blacklists. DNS lookups are reviewed against the "blacklist" DNS and IP. If these match.....You get bothered less. Here are a few blacklists:


    Last but not least........


    This is another very handy tool that works. Best price ever!

    Best of luck to you!

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    thanks guys, but i don't think those will work for spam bots from users households. the link.blahblahblah, is the opt-out domain. the email comes from bogus addresses. and even the header info is bogus. guess im stuck deleting them manually or making a bunch of subject line filters

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    you could try using MailWasher

    I use it at home, it basically connects and downloads the headers and checks with a Blacklist for known spammers. You can set it up so you can bounce spam email, add spammers to the blacklist and filter out based on a number of criteria.

    This is a seperate application tho, you run this first...filter your spam, then run your normal mail client to download the mail you want. Personally I would rather not use a seperate program, but for right now, it's doing the job and doing it well.

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    first of all, as DC mentioned, DO NOT "OPT-OUT" as this lets them know that your email is valid. also, if you are using a preview pane feature in your mail client, disable it. some of these SPAM emails are html emails, so they will log your ip when getting the html content, thus allowing them to know that your email is valid.

    unfortunately, there is no "cure-all" for SPAM. except to put all these spammers on an big cargo ship then sink it in the middle of the ocean. i assure you that there is NO amount of laws, legislation that will do ANYTHING to actually stop SPAM. the one and ONLY true way of stopping this is to re-write the SMTP protocol and add some verification mechanism. however, due to political and technical obstacles...i believe it will be some time before that happens.

    in the meantime, i would suggest trying out some of the apps mentioned above and pick one to your liking. (i'm partial to GFI apps myself)

    Good luck and happy SPAM killing
    just making some minor adjustments to your system....

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    I have seen this one before (antipuff.br). I am not sure how you would do it, but I would try to block anything from Brasil (.br)...............I don't think that you will miss much?


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    If you have access to the SMTP server, you can block domains like *.br. That provides a way to not have to deal with them at the client end. I have a long and growing list of blocked domains on mine. That works until the spammers find a new avenue.

    The problem with most mail clients is that they don't have a truly effective, reliable way to deal with unwanted mail. Cobbled filters work for a while, until something changes (subject lines, spoofed domains).

    Some of those anti-spam services you can set up for your email address, where you have to respond to a verification message to get to send mail to an address, can be effective. Make sure you have permission on your network to use that, first. We had a faculty person set up his college email on one of those services a while back. The college president got one of those verification notes after a message she sent. She was _not_ happy. After a few days on the pillory, the faculty person was appropriately recalcitrant.

    Yeah, we have a pillory in the back lawn. They let me use it once in a while.

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