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Thread: java programming

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    java programming

    This is the current project for the intro to cs class at utsa


    if you want to learn java I think the utsa site is a good place to do it, if you go to this link
    They have the lectures for each week, the recitations which are the programs due once a week, and the projects.
    You really don't even need the textbook. I think this is a great place if you are looking to learn java.
    Right now we are going to start recitation 6 this monday and the second project is due on the 15th.
    I'm sure most of you would rather just learn on your own though. Even though you won't be getting a grade for the class, I think that if you read all the lectures and do all the programs you will have a very strong base in java upon which you can expand later. If you would like to see how I did recitations 1-5 you can pm me. The solution to project one is posted somewhere on the site.
    So dig in.

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    Are u from sa h3r3tic

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    Nice thanks, I was thinking about learning Java soon
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