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Thread: Norton problem

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    Norton problem

    Hello all, I have just purchased and installed Norton Intrenet Security Proffesional 2004,
    and configured it to the same settings as my previous Norton a/v.
    The problem is that i downloaded winrar 3.2 and before opening scanned with the
    a/v program. I received an error message along with a link to Symantec.com. The page reads;

    Situation: After installing Norton AntiVirus 2004(NAV), you receive the error message "APWCMD.DLL file is linked to missing export APWUTIL.DLL:ApwReadNavopts@4." If you run a manual virus scan of the computer, you get the error: "Norton AntiVirus was unable to scan your computer for infections because a critical error occured during the scan". In the lower-left corner of the window, you see the numbers 3019,1. Solution: Symantec is investigating this problem. The cause is unknown, and there is no solution at this time. This document will be updated when new information becomes available or a solution found.
    They also state at their site regarding this product
    Norton AntiVirus Professional 2004- The world's most trusted antivirus solution with advanced protection
    So with my problem, Who do i trust? the downloaded program?

    Have i been duped in my purchase of this product? I spent $180 on a product that can't scan a program. Has anyone else encountered similar problems that could assist me?
    Thanks for any assistance. TidaLphasE23...

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    Hi Tidal,

    That is a bummer, but only to be expected to happen more frequently, as hardware/software combinations become more exotic?

    That is why I have always insisted on "reference machines" for key business areas and the general desktop. They are in the lab, and you test new versions and patches on them first, before deployment.

    Have you tried any other manual scans, and can you do a full or partial system scan? In otherwords is it Winrar or everything? If it is Winrar then it is Semantec V. Microsoft, and they will sort it very quickly...if it is everything.....

    All I can suggest is that you gather full details of your hardware environment and running software, and send this to Semantec's tech support with a polite enquiry as to resolution expectations, and timescales. Print a copy, and send it by snail mail to the "Executive Vice President, Marketing", and "Executive Vice President, Technical"............you could always google the website and find the proper titles, but these large organisations tend to be riddled with politics so if you polite complaint falls into the "wrong" hands (by accident I am sure )), it can only work in your favour?

    Good luck mate...keep us posted



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    Well..Norton Has a reputation of being pretty good...I think the download isto blame..personally

    where did you download it from? because you might want to look into that factor also


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    I would contact the company about a refund or redownload.
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    I think I have to agree with nihil, you should present your problem to Norton and see what they have to say, perhaps they have patch or a fix for it. Good luck.
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    Is it only the manual scans that fail? Try scheduling an auto scan of your system and see if that will work. If it does then you can schedule your scans as often as paranoia dictates and wait for the patch on the manual scan area from symantec. They are usually very quick with resolving issues. Good luck.

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    Hello all, I have tried other manual scans, full and partial and can do this no problem.
    I downloaded Winrar from a disk that i scanned with NAV without a problem.
    The erroe page that Symantec directs me to was last updated on September 9 2003, and is still to be updated at this time.

    Should i leave Winrar unopened, or as i have scanned the disk and found no infections, would it be o.k. to install it ? Again thanks for the replies. TidaLphasE23.....

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    Have i been duped in my purchase of this product? I spent $180 on a product that can't scan a program.
    I think you got duped... you get get from symantec for $99 . EDIT: Of course... you may not be talking about US $...

    I'm sure they'll have a patch for it... I've run into problems like this and they have patches available which don't get downloaded with your "live update". You can either do some searching but since its new, you'll be better off calling support.

    BTW: Besides this little problem, how do you like the professional version? I currenly use NIS 2003 standard and like it. What are the major differences and is it worth it?

    I just looked at the key features and it looks nice.... but again... is it really worth it? I'm currently using a dozen different programs that does all of what this product will do... but those are all free.

    I just called their support... and they want you to purchase two licesnes to use it on two PCs! What BS. I want a copy for a laptop and one for a desktop. Not like I'm going to use them both at the same time... what BS...

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    phishphreek80, Yes AUD$180, As for calling support if thats what they call it, they want your credit card details to pay for it. My ISP provides 24/7 support relating to most things free of charge. I suppose they are getting enough money from my subscription and appreciate their customers a little more than Symantec. Is it not enough to purchase their product for a fair amount of money and have to pay extra cost's to get information relating to it ? Greedy Son's Of B*@%$. Now thats what i call BS.

    As for the fetures they are : Personal Firewall
    : Intusion Detection
    : Network Detector: Lets you customize network settings
    for different networks, then automatically switches to the
    proper settings for the network you're using.
    : Web assistant, lets you customize security
    settings for individual Web sites without leaving your browser.
    : Privacy Control
    : Ad Blocking
    : Alert Assistant
    : Norton AntiSpam, Filters unwanted email messages in any POP3
    compliant email program by adding a "spam" tag in the subject
    field. Intergrates with Microsoft Outlook Express and Eudora for
    instant, automatic filtering of junk mail. Works with Outlook to
    filter junk email from Hotmail and MSN Mail accounts.
    : User Access Manager
    : Productivity Control
    : Bloodhound technology, Detects new and unknown viruses by
    analyzing an executable file's structure, behavior, and other
    attributes such as programming logic, computer instructions, and
    any data that is contained in the file.
    : Web Tools, Web Cleanup deletes unneeded files left over from
    internet sessions. Connection Keep Alive helps prevent dial up
    Internet sessions from being interrupted.
    : Unerase Wizard, Locates and recovers files that are protected by
    Norton Protection or the Windows Recycle Bin.
    : Norton Protection, Adds extra data recovery protection to the
    Recycle Bin. When used in conjunction with Unerase Wizard, it
    provides the most complete recovery system for all deleted or
    overwritten files.
    : Wipe Info, Permanently removes unwanted files so that they
    never can be recovered by a file recovery program. It can also
    wipe the free space on your hard disk, to ensure that previously
    deleted information is not left on you hard disk.

    Even with these fetures, that sound good, I will be seriously considering contacting them for a money back guarantee refund if the patch is not soon released, or they at least can identify the cause of error # 3019,1. TidaLphasE23.......

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    you've probably already checked this... but NIS 2k4 pro doesn't currently have any patches available


    keep checking back. Keep in mind that its a new product (though that doesn't excuse them for not testing it completely)

    I've had a problem before and used their free online help. They have to get back to you in 12/24 hrs, so its not instant support... but better than nothing.


    I took the liberty of sending a request for support describing your problem. I suggest you do the same. I will post their recommendations or when they expect a patch. Keep the pressure on though. I'm sure you're not the only one out there getting this error/problem.

    Should i leave Winrar unopened, or as i have scanned the disk and found no infections, would it be o.k. to install it ? Again thanks for the replies. TidaLphasE23.....
    As far as winrar, post a link to where you downloaded it and one of us can scan it for you. The realtime scan should catch it, if the manual scan doesn't. If you don't want to risk it... give us a link and we'll scan it for you. Or... you could always use an online scan like the one from trendmicro. Housecall
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