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Thread: Securing Solaris

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    Securing Solaris

    I just rebuilt my Ultra 1 to use as a NMS and a general unix box. I was looking to lock the thing down tighter than....welll you get my point

    anyways...i came across these two links that might be of some use to some people. The article is dated a few years ago, but it should apply to Solaris 2.x

    The Solaris Security FAQ
    Unix Insider 1/1/01

    Peter Baer Galvin, Unix Insider
    The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked about Solaris 2.x Security.
    The Solaris Security FAQ

    this article has some pieces of redundant info that is in the first article, but it's another resource

    Solaris security broadly falls under two groups - one is where the system is accessible using local area network/vlan and it has to be secured against unauthorized access. Second is system is accessible over the Internet to a number of persons and it has to be protected against unauthorized access using network or security loopholes.
    This document details some of the focus areas for security and provides suggestions to make it strong.

    1. Latest patches
    2. Access to the system.
    3. Run level and network services
    4. ip module
    5. System file , /etc/system
    Securing Solaris - Adminschoice



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    I just recently reviewed a book that I thought was pretty good. It covers the previous release- Solaris 8, but I think the majority of the information is still valid in Solaris 9.

    I am no Sun Solaris guru- in fact I have never even dabbled on a Solaris system, but I felt like the book provided a good level of information to introduce someone to securing a Solaris system without overwhelming them.

    The book is Hack Proofing Sun Solaris 8 from Syngress Publishing. You can check out my review here: Hack Proofing Sun Solaris 8

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    Nice article, thanks for the info
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    Hi. I am new here but I wanted to say it is great to see a post about Solaris on my first day! Thank you! Great article.

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    Already mentioned these in a thread a few days ago:

    Management scripts, FAQ's, Tutorials, tweaks (OS and TCP/IP). There are some pretty nice things at the site.

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