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    All the Answers

    Ok ok we have been plagued enough by people who want to know everything but can't be assed reading FAQ's as they are too long and borring - not talking about anyone in particular *coughs*IrIsHIdiOt*coughs*
    So here you go everything you could ever want to know about AO all wrapped up in a neat wee bundle ::::

    Why can't I assign anything but grey aps?
    Your not assigning grey - its just that your prolly running windows but are having graphix driver issues caused by progs installing old Display Luminicity Lag files on your computer - these files are not needed as all new monitors come with a luminicity checker built in - these files can effect how some web graphics (.gifs) are displayed and may force them to be displayed in greyscale....to resolve follow these steps
    • Click Start
    • Find
    • Type "*.dll" (without quotation marks)
    • Delete all files listed

    I keep getting neg aps when I post
    The AO servers are having probs with the NeGap.exe virus - this causes random neg ap assignements to be given out with such msgs as
    • Read the FAQ
    • RTFM
    • Grow up lamer

    etc etc etc
    Please draw attention to this straight away
    the best way to do this is to post a thread letting all mods know that you are recieving these aps - you may find that you recieve more but this is the virus's defence to try and stop the mods from being alerted - do not worry tho and keep posting about it as soon as a mod sees your post they will remove all neg aps and credit you with 1000 pos for helping find the virus

    My post disapeared and reapeared in a dif forum
    Don't worry about this. You will normally see something like
    ***Moved from....***
    this is done by mods or Members Own Dedicated Slave
    they are here to place all your posts in the correct forums for you - they like nothing more than running after you placing them in correct forum so please let them have this little joy and carry-on posting everything in "how do i...." forum

    My thread is closed
    This is a measure to protect AO from DoS attacks - it simply means that the topic you were posting was soooooo good that too many people wanted to reply at once so it was closed before server crashed. Simply repost - but to lighten server load please post it several times in dif forums. Dont worry about posting it in a relevant forum as the mods will take care of that as explained above...
    ***Also in extreme cases the thread maybe deleted - this thread was getting even more demand so please repost it double as much***

    What does the blinking date mean on some posts
    This means the thread is off special intrest and is to remain at top of each forum - if you see any that are not on first page of a forum please post in them immidiatly to put them back in proper place. Do not worry if you an't think of anything to post to it a simple

    Good post
    will be enough

    What is the report this thread link for?
    This is to monitor account activity - not everyone on AO posts some just come to read so to show their accounts are still being used everyone has to click the report this thread link on any thread they read to show that they are still using their account. Any accounts that are inactive (have not clicked on the report this post link in 72hrs) will be automatically deleted so please click it for every post you read.

    How do I get to Senior member status?
    AO is a premium site - some features are open to members as a sort of preview but once you pay membership you can then use all the advanced site features such as :::
    • Access to the hotmail user/pass database
    • Remote login to the fbi mainframe
    • Ability to access files on anyones comp you talk to thro AIM
    • Free broadband thro AOnet ISP
    • Software library with over 5,000,000 windows progs cracked and free to use
    • Access to the AO nudecam's (featuring Debwalin, GreekGodess, MsMittens & Ennis)

    In order to become a member send $500 to
    PO Box 7762
    G49 9PL
    this may seem exspensive but it gives you a lifetime membership - and also makes you irrisitable to the opposite sex!!

    How do i get a custom av?
    Due to server space limits AV's can not be uploaded to the AO servers instead place them on a free host like geocities and then at the start of each post write :::
    without quotation marks - when loading the posts your browser will see the text is in comment markers () so will not display it but will run the code instead showing your av.

    How can I make my post sticky?
    The sticky posts at top of each forum may seem innocent but are acctually where AO members trade nude pics - hence sticky as in sticky keys
    To access these pics simply reply to any sticky thread with the phrase
    "" without quotations
    once again the comment markers stop text from being displayed but browser will run code letting you enter secret area.

    How can I increase my post count?
    I know it can seem hard trying to think of constructive things to say in order to increase your post count - but dont worry simple phrases like
    • I agree
    • Good post
    • LOL
    • I had this problem to

    etc etc etc
    are more than enough ::: you may see some members calling these posts SPAM - this simply stands for Suddenly Posting Advanced Member
    This is congragulations from those members for being such an advanced poster that you are aware of this method of increasing your post count.

    Hope these help some new commers find their feet here in AO - good luck


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    damn deceptive thread titles ,I wanted to know the meaning of life ,anyways i erased all my dll s and it did not help , now i can't watch any windows proprietary media, what do i do know?
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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    not talking about anyone in particular *coughs*IrIsHIdiOt*coughs*
    hahaha i wouldnt be suprised if he did the steps ....

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    not talking about anyone in particular *coughs*IrIsHIdiOt*coughs*
    hummm... isn't v_Ln from Ireland.... I think it runs in the culture Moving to scotland doesn't take away the roots.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Damn you Val you forgot about the Special stuff that is in the Addicts Forum.

    Opps I wasn't suppose to say anything.

    Ok... Addicts Seniors here is a message for you get out that secreat Decoder ring.

    dnalgnE tnaw I tub NY evah nac ouy nellahlaV dna sinnE rebmemeR nalp noitanimoD eht tuoba gniklat hsinif dlouc ew sseug

    Set the Ring to backwards.

    For me posting that I need to be slapped.

    Oh you also forget to Explain about Tutorials. I will pick up there for you.

    The Tutorial Forum is the Forum for anything you find. YOu go to a Site and you see something Informative you take it, post it in the Turorial Forum with your name on it.
    Also make sure that you never under no Circumstance Ever write, a Tutorial of your Own.

    This is against the rules.

    /ME slaps whiz.

    That and you have to start talking in Third person.

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    Oi Jizz(you still using this nick?).. if anyone's having England I am! Goddamn country owes me something for living here in the pissing rain all the time.

    oh... yeah before I forget.. SLAP - you should know better than that

    Note to newbies, since we're explaining everything.... SLAP is an acronym for Seizing Lusers Anti Points - you get to know the proper coding (which is of course commented out in the posts so you can't see it) to seize the AP's from another member once you hit addict status

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    Nice Val, just what we needed lately.

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    thought you would like
    mods or Members Own Dedicated Slave


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    so.. uh.. Ennis.. I guess this means that you don't deny the part about the webcam, eh ?

    Access to the AO nudecam's (featuring Debwalin, GreekGodess, MsMittens & Ennis)

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    Holy mackeral!! I didn't realize he let the cat out of the bag on the nudecam... I must have missed that line...

    this is done by mods or Members Own Dedicated Slave
    they are here to place all your posts in the correct forums for you - they like nothing more than running after you placing them in correct forum so please let them have this little joy and carry-on posting everything in "how do i...." forum
    BWAHAHAHA.. Intmon, I want this to be my new mod designation..
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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