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Thread: reverse traceroute?

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    reverse traceroute?

    is there such a thing as a reverse traceroute program? what i would like to do is trace from a remote computer back to one at uni for an assignment...

    ive already traced to a few computers in our campus WAN, but i now want to trace back the other way from the computers in the WAN to the one im using in the unix lab, is it possible to do this somehow without having a user account on the remote machine, or is ths not possible?
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    Now Im not a networking guru or anything but shouldnt it tell you just about the same thing as if you trace from your computer to the target? or did i misunderstand the question.

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    It should tell you the same thing, just in the reverse order (unless there are strange router configurations or NATs or something like that.

    And the answer to the original question is no. You need an account on the remote computer to run a traceroute from that computer.
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    Assuming that you are inside your uni network, you can use tools at
    http://www.securityspace.com/swhois/trace_index.html to traceroute etc..

    Only works to the addr that you appear to come from...so if you are behing a NATing device, then you can only trace back to that addr.

    Either that, or get a dial-up a/c and test that way - seems like a strange uni assignment though - what are you trying to acheive?

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