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Thread: DOS Commands (Advanced)

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    Usefull stuff, keep it up guys.

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    informative.........but kinda....well it is gr8 to know this

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    Specify what commands to be run when opening a command prompt
    When opening a command prompt it checks the following STRING values in the registry to see if any commands should be executed :
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Command Processor]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Command Processor]
    Autorun = "prompt [%computername%]$S$P$G && COLOR 0A"
    Note the commands above will change the command prompt and color.

    Note to specify several commands seperate them with &&, or use a batch file.

    Note the cmd has a switch to disable the execution of the Autorun :
    cmd /d
    Actually i do mention a little registry in the tut.
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    Great...thanks for the info.....Here's another that I find useful

    You can have a console window available, in any directory, from Explorer.

    First Create a cmd script StartCon.cmd

    @echo off
    cd /d %1
    Title %~f1

    Put this script somewhere where you will always be able to find it - in
    your path. (for example c:\winnt)

    Now open explorer and select View-->Options from the menu, select the File
    Types tab and select the 'Folder' Icon from the 'Registered Files Types'
    Press the Edit button, and in the 'Edit File Type' dialog press the New...

    In the New Action Dialog type "New Console from here" in the Action Field, and

    cmd.exe /a /k c:\winnt\StartCon "%l"

    in the 'Application used...' field.
    Press okay, close, close to come out of the dialogs.

    Now select a folder in explorer, and right click your mouse, you will see a
    new entry 'New Console from Here' on the context menu, if you select it you will get
    a new console window, with the directory you selected as the current

    okay - so it's not going to change your life, but it saves having to drap&drop from explorer to a cmd shell to quickly get a path...

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    Who wrote this thing? He's a genius...

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    LOL, i posted this, but i also already knew most of it. That links has a few more tips from the guy i got this from.
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