I really want to see the outcome of this report...

A computer industry group critical of Microsoft plans to release a report Wednesday asserting that the software giant's dominance in key technologies threatens the national infrastructure.
This is really disturbing.

The group, whose members include America Online, Oracle and Sun Microsystems, has been critical of Microsoft in the past. Last month, after the Department of Homeland Security announced that Microsoft would supply the software for the agency's 140,000 desktops, the CCIA sent an open letter asking the department to reconsider. The group also founded the Open Source and Industry Alliance to promote open-source software such as Linux and oppose restrictive laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Microsoft did not immediately comment on the content of the report but defended its track record in security.
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IMHO M$ is not what our country needs as a supplier of security products, their track record alone proves that they have the most insecure OS on the market today. Someone needs to write a new OS that is secure and user friendly both, something even your most basic luzers can operate. Got any ideas?