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    Originally posted here by CXGJarrod

    You couldnt use 2k Advanced server because the basic system needs at least a 133 MGHZ processor. I dont think that there were any 386 133 MGHZ processors.

    If you have a couple hundred bucks, you could get a Dell Poweredge Small Business Server and run it off of that on Linux. Dell's PowerEdge Series starts at $299. (After $100 rebate)

    In regards to the original question I had already stated that Win2k was not at all going to be the solution. The conversation had turned more to being about general clustering technologies. It really sounded to me like he wanted to build a distributed computing cluster, in which case an older linux kernel wouldn't definitely run on the hardware that he stated as having.

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    Hi Guys,

    Manchur............they will ship this Saturday..........guess it is about 7-9 snail to the USA?

    I will write:

    "obsolete computer components, for educational research...value $1" on the US customs declaration form.....They are going to your University address.

    OK...slight "terminological inexactitude"...........I was given them for free....I think the used postage stamps on the packet will be worth more than the contents

    There are 2 "IT's ST" 486/66/DX2s (Canadian...never heard of them before?)..............maths co-processor enabled and one Intel of an identical spec. I do not believe you can do what you are proposing with anything less than a 486/DX?. BTW I do not know what the fourth one is..a 486/DX2 but of unknown origin...that's the one with the cooling fan and heatsink already attached

    Please keep us informed......and post a PICTURE if you get it to work

    Good luck & God bless


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    did you think about buying buncha xbox's and installing linux and cluster them

    they are only 179.99 new but you can buy factory refurbished for less ... i have a cluster of 2 just for shits and giggles. one had modchip and the other is was hacked by exploit... they run sweet

    xbox is basically pentium 3 celeron 733MHz w/ 64 megs of RAM

    sweet and fast....

    each comes w/ 10 gig HD so if you want bigger space you'll have to get replacement HD's BUT if you have a DVD burner you can burn on DVD and xbox will read it fast w/out a problem
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    Ok guys there is a big diference between MS "clustering" wich is basicly load balanceing for MSSQL and clustering (makeing more then one pc act as one.) I have done the latter useing linux and beowulf (both free) and a bunch of 486's, this was a neat project but not overly usefull as you will only get an advantage with programs that can multithread. You can do real clustering useing windows as your main OS but it involves *very* expensive 3rd party software.
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