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    FBI slammed over handling of hacker case

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but the mods can move it if they see fit

    Looks like the FBI botched another one......

    WASHINGTON The Justice Department said Monday the FBI didn't follow proper procedure when it notified reporters their notes might be subpoenaed in the case against a hacker accused of breaking into The New York Times' computer system.
    The department said the correct procedure is to seek material from reporters only after other investigative steps have been exhausted, and that subpoenas are to be used only as a last resort.
    Source and associated article USA Today

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    This has been an interesting case to follow, since the FBI did a number of unscrupulous things by way of the "patriot-act " to gain evidence against Mr. Lamo.

    Another good article (repost I think) can be found here:


    to quote:

    The Bureau recently sent letters to a handful of reporters who have written stories about the Lamo case -- whether or not they have actually interviewed Lamo. The letters warn them to expect subpoenas for all documents relating to the hacker, including, apparently, their own notes, e-mails, impressions, interviews with third parties, independent investigations, privileged conversations and communications, off the record statements, and expense and travel reports related to stories about Lamo.

    First amendment? Shyaaaa

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