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Thread: Get paid to hack?

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    Get paid to hack?

    The wargame is a specially designed internet connected network running Microsoft Windows® 2000 Servers with IIS, Exchange and MS-SQL. Each participant (that's you) will have to complete 3 specific hacking goals on these Microsoft based servers, so you gotta know how to hack a 'doze box to play our little game. We will be studying how you complete the goals for our "cognitive research" which is the study of how people think.

    If we select you to participate in the wargame research project, and you are successful in achieving the three project goals and follow the simple steps we outline, you will be paid a minimum of US$250. Assuming that you spent 5 hours on this, that's fifty bucks an hour! Not bad for doing something that we enjoy doing anyway. Some participants may even be paid more, based on their level of expertise and participation in the project.
    This challenge is published by a publicly traded (NASDAQ) company 20 years old. It looks authentic.

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    You must complete your hack at the specific time that we will arrange with you at your convenience. We will try to accommodate everyone's schedules. You will have plenty of time to do your thing, but you must start on time. This also means that your internet connectivity must be reliable and fast enough for you to complete the hack, so your Mom's 33.6 dial-up to AOL won't cut it.
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    Sounds a little questionable? --paranoia? maybe
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    MS behind it?

    Looks interesting. I'd be interested in what they find...to help me protect my environment.

    Hopefully Microsoft commissioned it....maybe they'll learn something about security their OS!

    (...not trying to start another MS bashing here...just wanted to share my...shall we call it "frustration" )

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    I've seen this one before, it does look pretty interesting and It's legitamate.

    Its been about for a while and they update the software thats used every year or maybe less depending how often new software is released.

    Im not sure whether they release there research/ finding but it would be kinda interesting


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    I just been looking at the site and by the sound of it they wont be releasing any results or research to the public. Its a shame cause it would of been quite intresting to see.

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    All entries to:

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    I think it's 985.......down the road a bit from 1600?


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    Looks interesting, I just wish I had the know-how to take part.

    But correct me if I'm wroing as I am still a newbie... wouldn't a real thorough "hack" take a lot longer than just 5-10 hours (research, etc...) or are they not looking for something incredibly detailed?

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    IMHO i would say they teach waht they learn.

    have a nice day
    have fun and ride safe

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