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Thread: CD copying protection an absolute joke

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    CD copying protection an absolute joke

    here's the article on cnet http://news.com.com/2100-1025_3-5087...l?tag=nefd_top

    this is the part i like

    BMG spokesman Nathaniel Brown said. "Copy management is intended as a speed bump, intended to thwart the casual listener from mass burning and uploading."
    and we all know that it is the "CASUAL" listener that is participating in mass copying and uploading.

    get a clue you MORONS!!!!!
    just making some minor adjustments to your system....

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    However, simply holding down the Shift key prevents Windows' AutoRun feature from loading the copy-protection software, leaving the music free to copy, Halderman said.
    You don't even have to do that...

    Just disable the autorun completely.



    I did this after I popped in a Beastie Boys CD that automatically started playing in its own player. Quite annoying actaully. Never had a problem since with any CDs... even the ones that contain this copy protection or the DVDs that want to play in its own player.

    Uh Oh... Did I just violate the DMCA?!

    Though simple, the act of holding down the Shift key in order to enable copying does let computer users know they're doing something unauthorized, he said. That alone will dissuade many people from making copies, he added.
    Yeah... right. Like I'm really going to buy a cd that I can only have one copy of and allow it to get scratched or broken. I keep a copy at home, work, in my car, my gf's car, anywhere I might want to listen to it. It takes less time to burn a cd of mp3s that were ripped to my HD than it does for me to find the cd I want to listen to.

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    i dont understand what it is your trying to say. Do you want to see them using stronger copy protection methods or none at all?

    i dont think the "CASUAL" listener is participating in mass copying and uploading. i believe the average p2p user only downloads music. most of the ones i know...if you said "rip a cd"...they wouldn't know what you in hell you were talking about. Now the people i hang out or work with well thats another story.
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