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Thread: worms, iptables and tarpits..oh my!

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    worms, iptables and tarpits..oh my!

    Stop the spread of worms, please have your worms spade or neutered....

    (sorry...Price Is Right was on )

    seriously tho....I thought this was an interesting article...figured I'd pass it on.

    Worms, worms are everywhere! The recent and prolific spread of Internet worms has yet again demonstrated the vulnerability of network hosts, and it's clear that new approaches to worm containment need to be investigated. In this article, we'll discuss a new twist on an under-utilized technology: the tarpit.
    The full article can found at SecurityFocus.

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    I read the same article. Pretty interesting stuff! Has anyone actually implemented on in a production network? I would be interested in hearing about their experience.

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    Have you checked the Honeynet Project? I would think if anyone has done it, would have been them...

    Though.. might be worthwhile to try at home even on a simple box..
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