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Thread: Who watches TechTV?

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    Sep 2003

    Question Who watches TechTV?

    Alright...im a little bored so I'm posting a poll

    over here in the states some of us have this channel called TechTV, for those who haven't heard or seen it. It's basically a channel dedicated to technology and the like.

    Anways...who here at AO watches it?



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    May 2003
    Who doesn't appreciate a tech explicit channel?

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    They've actually got some really good, informative programs. I watch it every now and again. People should check it out sometime.
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    screensavers :drool:
    chown -r us ./bases

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    tv sucks, it encourages dumbness and 99% is horrible even if it is about computers. My computer is commercialess and i can see any movie i want on it. As far as i am concerned tv is like a paper dictionary with commercials, useless.
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    i dont really watch tv that often ... but when i do and theres nothin else on i watch Tech TV ...why do i need to watch it ..i'm on a computer all day in school ...on work ..and home at night ..i get all my technology news through the internet but it's nice to watch it now and then

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