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    Post Qbasic question

    I programmed a couple of things in QBASIC, and i noticed it saves them as a '*.bas' file. Does anyone know if and how, QBASIC can be used to compile programs? Thanks in advance.
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    In the Q-basic compiler , there should be an option to compile it.. The way i remember it , is that it turns it straight into an exe file...
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    there's a basic compiler called first basic made by powerbasic. its shareware that doesn't expire (nag screen) and can be d/led from their site. its not exectly the same as Qbasic but about 97% similar. great little proggie

    Qbasic i believe didn't make stand alone apps until ver 5. i believe the option is under "run" but you have to change the way you compile the program from "memory" to "executable"
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    The way I understand it, if you wanted to compile into an EXE, you
    would need QuickBasic, the commercial version. Qbasic was the
    free version that came bundled with DOS, and would not compile,
    but you could run progs by invoking Qbasic in a batch file with
    the BAS file as an argument.

    Maybe someone has produced a free clone, but Microsoft QuickBasic
    was not free, AFAIK.
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    QBASIC does not Compile however QuickBasic /TurboBASIC will do the job for you under the COMPILE Menu
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    As I recall,

    Qbasic shipped with DOS 5? It did not compile unless you bought the commercial version.

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    QuickBasic 4.5 and 7.1 are the only ones shipped with a compiler..

    I personaly like(d) 4.5 better then 7.1 (also called PDS)..

    I know I'm not supposed to "support wares" but using google you should be able to find you a download site (under 2Mb)..

    Or you could buy a copy (second hand ??)

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    Qbasic.... that was a good prog.........
    10 cls
    15 input "name:";n$
    20 print "Hello ";n$;" this is ur PC "
    30 print "what would u like to do (type list for a list ) ? "
    40 input ">";t$
    50 if t$ = "list" goto 100
    60 if t$ = "end" goto 999
    70 if t$ = "print" goto 200
    999 end

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    Yeah, quick Basic 4.5 should do the job, I used it myself until I grew out of QB. It is possible to download a version of it for free but you are supposed to delete it within 24 hours. Basic compilers might work but I have had a lot of problems with them when compiling large QB proggies. Here is the site: http://muratelic.sitemynet.com/qbasic/qb13.htm
    Hope that helps!
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