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Thread: IM sniffer

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    IM sniffer

    I ran into this in my travels and figured a few of you admins could make good use of it http://mathpost.la.asu.edu/~hai/hear/ it will sniff IM , Works on doze,linux/bsd ported
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    I don't think I'll use that one..

    Ettercap does it all for me..

    Cool Features:

    Characters injection in an established connection : you can inject character to server (emulating commands) or to client (emulating replies) maintaining the connection alive !!

    SSH1 support : you can sniff User and Pass, and even the data of an SSH1 connection. ettercap is the first software capable to sniff an SSH connection in FULL-DUPLEX

    HTTPS support : you can sniff http SSL secured data... and even if the connection is made through a PROXY

    Remote traffic through GRE tunnel: you can sniff remote traffic through a GRE tunnel from a remote cisco router and make mitm attack on it

    PPTP broker: you can perform man in the middle attack against PPTP tunnels

    Plug-ins support : You can create your own plugin using the ettercap's API.
    List of available plugins

    Password collector for : TELNET, FTP, POP, RLOGIN, SSH1, ICQ, SMB, MySQL, HTTP, NNTP, X11, NAPSTER, IRC, RIP, BGP, SOCKS 5, IMAP 4, VNC, LDAP, NFS, SNMP, HALF LIFE, QUAKE 3, MSN, YMSG (other protocols coming soon...)

    Paket filtering/dropping: You can set up a filter that search for a particular string (even hex) in the TCP or UDP payload and replace it with yours or drop the entire packet.

    OS fingerprint: you can fingerprint the OS of the victim host and even its network adapter

    Kill a connection: from the connections list you can kill all the connections you want

    Passive scanning of the LAN: you can retrive infos about: hosts in the lan, open ports, services version, type of the host (gateway, router or simple host) and extimated distance in hop.

    Check for other poisoners: ettercap has the ability to actively or passively find other poisoners on the LAN

    Bind sniffed data to a local port: you can connect to that port with a client and decode unknown portocols or inject data to it (only in arp based mode)

    Port Stealing: a new method to sniff on switched LAN without ARP poisoning...
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