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    Microsoft Patch Useless

    The new patch issued by Microsoft on October 4th did NOT fix the XML vulnerability correctly.


    You can view the proof-of-concept on http://mindlock.bestweb.net/wmp.htm

    Microsoft has not replied or issued a new patch yet.

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    LOL !!!

    that is a realy cool proof-of-concept !!
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    You mean I have to switch off my computer, go to the bar, and stay"Drunk on Duvel" for a whole week?

    Joking apart, thanks for the "heads up"...when people load these things they assume that they work

    Thanks again


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    no **** ? damn.. thanks for the heads up MindwarperX

    edit: I tried your proof of concept Mindwarper.. it didn't work for me. and I don't have that multimedia box checked.. perhaps it's because I never updated my media player.never use the damn thing anyway. I'm running wmp version

    and my concern for this patch isn't so much for the media player.. it's for the Qhosts trojan.. if it fixes that.. I'm happy for the time being.

    edit 2: oh.. just now read the secuirtyfocus link.. it did state wmp version 9

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    I cant believe that, i`ve learnt to expect various new exploits every week on windows but i thought at least they issue the patches for them. Turns out they don`t even do that!

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    Well back to DOS 5.5

    look any 1 ever used win3.11
    I remeber having that on my pc back when I was 8... well it was my Dad's pC... that pc is now in our ..PC corridore musseam... with an i386 P1 P2(runing red hat) P3 win2k
    & p4 with Xp..... I am using it now

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