Uh oh, someone's been naughty!

EDIT: Why do you feel that McAfee is superior to Norton? I'm just curious because in all the threads I've seen about why one product is better than another, I don't think I've ever seen a concise technical discussion why one product is better... granted, I have a short memory, but it seems to me that often it boils down to brand loyalty, familiarity, and comfort level...

So, on what is your opinion based? Again, just being curious....

EDIT2: Ok...maybe that sounded snotty, and I don't mean to be that way.

Case in point, I used to use Zone Alarm...it worked great, except every once in awhile it would hang up and not work properly, and force a reboot. ( I call that the fart-crossed-sideways error) At any rate, I switched to Sygate, and have had no problems. Does that make it better? No.

However, I do remember reading somewhere that one firewall is application based, and the other is process based (don't remember which right off hand)...but on that information, I could (maybe) support an opinion of why one is better than the other.

Anyway.... just trying to satisfy my thirst for knowledge..