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    Exclamation UK: Two Years for File Swapping??

    Just saw this article off of mynetcape.com and thought it may be of some interest to some. There always seems to be a raging debate about file swapping here.

    In short, a rather DMCA-ish new UK law makes file swapping punishable by two years in prison....

    the link:


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    I wonder if you have to be a supernode to get those two years or not? That law goes into effect this month too.

    Fortunately I never shared any music, fortunately again, my ISP is refusing to turn over the names of it's customers.


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    fortunately again, my ISP is refusing to turn over the names of it's customers
    Things are a bit different here in oz.
    " Privacy has to be respected as an individual right, not as a defense for law-breakers," says Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) investigator Michael Speck. "I don't see a judge buying into a defense that says, But your honor, I'd like to complain about police issuing a warrant to get information about me, in investigating alleged criminal acts being commited by me. It's done everyday. That's how people are put in jail."
    Warrants were executed on Telstra and Perth-based ISP Eftel. Privacy concerns were wiped out by Section 282 of the Telecommunications Act which " does not prohibit a disclosure or use by a person of information or a document if the disclosure or use is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of criminal law" Three students were arrested and charged with online music piracy.
    Dont know about other countries laws, but i wouldn't be so sure.

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    [i] fortunately again, my ISP is refusing to turn over the names of it's customers.

    `Pw [/B]
    Good to know some ISP's are standing up the RIAA rather then get pushed around by them...

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    A person who infringes copyright in a work by communicating the work to the public... to such an extent as to affect prejudicially the owner of the copyright... commits an offence
    By making a music file available for download for any other users of your chosen P2P network, you are communicating the work--potentially at least--to millions, i.e. to an extent that the music industry could say is prejudicing its rights,
    this sounds like only those sharring the music have probs not those d/l it


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