Hello all,

Let me tell you a story, once upon a time, about a year ago. i had an account here at AntiOnline that had reached Senior Member Status and had gained respect of many fellow users in this community. However (and yes, my first flame and hopefully my last... ) because of the antipoint system, it severly decreased 'Freedom of Speech' and with the selling of AntiOnline from JP to JupiterMedia it was all too much for me. so i left.

However, after many hours and much, obviously careless thinking, i decided to come back, under my new alias. High2Risk.

I Hope to get aquinted with new and old friends alike, and i will see you around the forums.

My old account was Trust_Not_123 for those who might remember, and if you do, could you do me a favour and see if you can get my old avatar back.... you guys know the one, it was a walking floppy struttin its stuff :P