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    All depends on

    1 how much you are willing to spend. wireless tends to cost more bcos of the equipment. wired doesnt cost so much even if cabling is involved.
    2 which parts of the house are you gonna be when you want to connect to the network. if not that many places then wiring up wouldnt be a problem. if you need access at lots of places eg toilet...LOL then you might need wireless
    3 do you mind running cables around the house. the wife/mother might mind. also back to Q1
    4 how particular are you about security. with wired, someone has to phsically tap into your network thru somewhere there are cables running. with wireless they can wardrive and might be able to get into the network
    5 your house itself...some homes have problems with reception at certain areas. this can be solved by adding more APs..but then we come back to Q1. also there is a problem with interference with wireless.

    I hope this helps make your decision easier. As for which standard to use if u decide to get wireless. u can make up ur mind later once you decided on wireless or wired. If you can I recommend trying out wireless by borrowing it from a friend or some stores will loan a set to you to test.

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    I have a wireless network set up here and it's absolutely great, especially since I'm the type of person who likes to move things around a lot. I've only had one major issue in the past, which was a hardware fault and Linksys was quick to replace it. All in all, I spent around $300.00 to set it all up (802.11b at 11 Mbps) with my cable connection (since I decided on going with two USB adapters - one due to a warranty on one of my boxes against modification of any sort) a little pricey, but I love it. I've never had any problems with my signals, even with my farthest box being in the basement, nor have I had any interference problems with cell phones, microwaves, etc.. I can't imagine with my setup having to wire everything, it would be a nightmare. No thanks.

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    wireless lan is great ,if you have a labtop and u need to move here and there
    you need not to be worry about the connection cables
    and it has good data rates.
    but i wonder if it has any bad effects on health

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    modafar > you point out something very interesting about the impact of wifi on physical health. I googled around to see what i could turn up. It seems no one has found any real links to health issues stemming from wifi, most likely because its only been around the past couple of years, and long term problems could surface years down the road.
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    For a simple home network, i dont think security is a priority. i STILL prefer wires because they are reliable and usually when something goes wrong, it could only be a few things. it is cheaper, and generally 'less messy' in the long run. this is all provided you can tuck your cables away nice and tightly :P

    however, if you go wireless, it means needing adapters for computers, more setting up (when you still have wire lan) and if something DOES go wrong, it can be ANYthing...

    everything everyone has said is by personal preference of couse

    Nutshell > wireless = $$


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    a = 54
    b= 11
    g = 54 but you can run b on a g network also.

    If you already have the wires, stick with them. Its faster and cheaper. If you get to the point when you need to run wires to set up another computer, then consider going wireless.

    Oh yeah, and there have been many times in my travels that I have borrowed peoples home networks to connect to the internet because they were not secured properly.
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    Well i guess I will keep my wireless for the time being............... but I will cross over next yaer I think ... 10x every 1

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    I have set up both and wireless it nice I like it because it is simple and you don't need a wire to hang from your ceiling! However, I like the security of a lan connection.

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