Ok, I just got like a grand in cash and I know what I'm thinking; New PC on my network. Now, in the last 4 years Iv bought 4 computers. I destroyed my first one by accident, and my ex GF ganked one off me so I lhave 2 up and running right now. My Mom has a computer too that I popped on my network.

Ok enough intro, I want some opinions from everyone here. Iv been looking at and drooling over an Alienware for a while now. The best buy store here in Port Huron Michigan has Alienware PCs right in the store you can play on. Iv heard nothing but good about these machines. But to the people here who arentafraid to say something sucks; What do you think?

Is it worth the 3,000 dollars? The PC Im typing this on costed more than an Alienware and was my second computer I ever bought, It was about 3 and a half years ago. Heh, I dont like cheap, I bougth an Emachine once. I had my first PC but in 6 months it was dead so I bought this. Then about 5 months later I bought an emachine. Which the PC wasnt THAT bad but I really dont like cheap ****.

I'm looking on the Alienware website right now and drooling again. Now, I can get a Compaq with a 2.7 GHz Celeron processor and like half a GB of RAM and an 80 GB or so HD in it for like 500 dollars brand new. But I was wondering; What do you all think of Celeron Processors? Iv heard both good and bad about them but I have only used one like once. So what is your opinion on Celeron processors?

Also, I might be able to hook up a deal and get the Alienware. But I want to know a few specfic things/ Opinions. For one, Celeron processors, do they run hot? Im really a system coolent freak and I dont like things running hot. So I want to know how you all think about celerons and cooling. Also, Whatabout the Alienware? I know they have huge ass cases and fans, and they also have vents in the front, but have any of you heard or used one of them and know how good they actually cool?

Also, the new AMD 64s can come in an Alienware..... *drooling* But AMDs Iv heard run extremly hot, what do you all think of this? Would you go for an Aurora or an Area 51? The aurora is the 64 bit one and the Area 51 is the Pentium 4.

Which brings up the next part of this thread; Howabout Pentium 4s? How hot do they go? What do you think of them?

Now, the Machine will be used for....A **** load. Im not a "Gamer" But I do love playing Unreal Tournament and **** like that. Also I like Resident Evil too. Anyway, It will also be used for internet, mail, Web surfing, web development, some security tests, and also, reliability tests. So the Machine has to be able to be on for a month or so without overheating.

Can a Celeron system tay up for a month or more without overheating? Without adding extra coolent? I think it comes with 3 fans in the case and it also like the Alienware comes with vents on the front.

Could an AMD 64 stay up that long without needing a shut down cooling session? Iv heard that the alienwares actually are good for cooling but I want YOUR opinion on it. I dont want the new PC to have to be shutdown for a while because its overheating or something.

So, what do you all think? I can get the Celeron system on Friday and I will be. But what do you all think of the Celerons? It is a good system, especially for the price. But what do YOU guys think?

Also, I know people say Alienwares are for Gamers or they are overkill...Not for me, From what Im reading they are GREAT workstations too. So, What do you think?