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Thread: New computer and opinion/Alienware questions

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    I work for a company that used to carry Alienware and I will tell you that it is not at all worth the money. No offense against them but what they do is take a nice mobo chip and throw in ATI's most expensive card put it in an old radiator box and mark the hell up outta it.

    If you are worried about case size I looked at this website a while back which has a LOT of cheap big cases...

    Since you have already picked out your PC, I guess all this will be recommendations for anyone else looking at getting a new pc.

    I personally recommend that anyone getting a computer for gaming stick to either a p4 or a AMD athlon not the celeron chip... It just doesnt have the throughput for maximum performance. If you do use your computer for gaming make sure you check out this site on how to set up a seperate account just for gaming that will reduce the services and unecessary crap running in windows xp. You also will want to look at different cooling options (water, fans, holes, seperate airconditioner, etc...)
    When getting a vid card, if you go with ATI you want one with the keyword PRO and with GeForce you want ULTRA. RAM you want either DDR 2700 or higher (3500, 4000, dual channel ddr)

    ill throw some extra sites on here if anyone does look for a new pc and let me know if you have anyother questions on this topic (formerly googlegear)
    and many more

    PS. On a side note: Gore I hope you got the warranty on that CPU, not that I work for anyone that sells them or have seen them go bad but just a hint *wink wink* IF not you have 14 days to get it. If you msg me I can give you a couple more reasons why you want it.
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    Good place to buy

    Hey everyone,

    Well I know I am a little late but here is a link with good parts.

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    If you want a great case for cooling that is spacious and still pretty darn cool-looking and for a VERY reasonable price ($79.99 w/ 350w ps) then you can't beat the XDreamer II case. You can get it for that price along with some free extras at . And I always say go with AMD everytime! Price and performance can't be beat (Except maybe by the new G5 Mac). But the Macs are just too darn expensive even though the lates OS is Unix-based. Also for the best deals on all computers, parts, and accessories, go to! Good luck with whatever you go with.
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    If you got cash buy it off the shelf that way if it mess up someone else messed it up not you.

    and give arnold a chance LOL.

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    well man if u build ur self...... U cant mess up if u know wt ur diong man it is not hard..... all that can go wrong is if u cant stick a card or a cable in its place........ if u cant then I dont think you should be reading this....... or even.... try to raed this

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    Just to you all if you ever need a really nice case , and you don't want to spend 2 grand on an alienware system.. You can go to Very nice cases there !
    Good Day
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    I just built a 3.06Ghz Intel P4, 800Mhz FSB, 1Gb 400Mhz DDRAM, 48X Burner, DVD, Geforce 4 128MB, 120Gb HD, 8 USB 2.0. 4 1394, Front media card reader/writer, 10/100/1000 ethernet, 17" LCD Flatpanel Display, all in a full tower case with a 485W pwr supply. Had it built and win2k installed in under 2 hours. You could have done it too.

    Good luck, and I really hope you like it.
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