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SDK is correct about 2000/XP's default being set to automatically reboot. I have two boxes one NT 4 and the other 2000 that started rebooting. Since both are production boxes I needed to leave the setting for reboot alone and relied on the %systemroot%\memorydmp.txt for troubleshooting. Neither machine was infected with virus or malware, rather one was a bad video card, the other was a failure in a SCSI card.

The following link http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;282504 helped solved one issue. The other resolution was not on M$ site. (Google)

If you can change the default setting so the box does not reboot, this is best. the memorydmp.txt file can be huge and sometimes corrupt - depending on the cause of the crash. Also, if a SCSI card or back plane is failing - you really don't want the box rebooting all the time.
You do realize that if you change this setting so that it does not autoboot the system will just hang at a blue screen until somebody comes along and pushes the button. In production systems having the system reboot is normally the optimal solution as the system tries to take corrective action to fix the problem, rebooting.

In business systems that require high availability I would recommend leaving this setting as it's default. It should also be noted that many Compaq Proliant systems have a BIOS feature to automatically reboot the system when a kernel exception(blue screen) is thrown.