I have this problem I usually surf the net at school from behind a firewall, well the other day i was looking at something at home when a window from my Symtec Antivirus pops up saying they found a virus and could not delete or quarentine it. When i got back to school i ran a scan on my computer and it could not find anything, but when i looked at the history it found the above mentioned virus but it said it could not be cleaned because the files have been moved or deleted, the computer it is located on is turned off, or it is in an e-mail message. Its not in an e-mail because i wasnt doing anything with e-mail when it popped up i was going into a web page. Now im not sure if its still on my system or not, I was browsing the web today and clicked a link and like 30 pages popped up in Internet Explorer and I thought that may be because of the virus and plus now when i try to scan my comp it says it cant because of an error. Does anyone know what is happening to my computer or any ways of fixing it??

P.S. I also installed spyhunter and found all kinds of spyware popups and stuff like that, could that be part of the problem??

Thanks for any help