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Thread: dual booting xp/98se

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    dual booting xp/98se

    i have 1 hard drive. 40gb. i used fdisk to partition off sections. c: 30gb, d: 7gb, and e: 1.??

    c: has win xp (ntfs)
    d: win 98se (fat32)
    e: virtual memory disc.

    both installations went very well. all drivers for both os's are installed and working. however when i was finished with win98 and started working on drive c: xp .... when i rebooted i had no access to win 98 on drive d.
    now its still there, just i cant get my computer to boot to that drive. ive tried every configuration in the bios and it just wont boot on drive d. i tried the F8 key and selected the option to show the OS's yet win 98 wasnt in the list. yet when i boot to xp and explore the d drive, i see the win 98 files there. does xp have to be on a FAT32 partition? or should it matter cuz each os is on their normal file systems.... ...any of you guys know what happend and or how i can get my pc to show me both os's at boot up so i can choose which to use?

    thanks in advance for the help, it is appreciated.

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    In XP: Start --> Control Panel --> System --> Startup and Recovery --> Settings.
    You'll have the option to manually edit the startup options file (boot.ini).

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    also try Start-Run-msconfig -> BOOT>INI ..try editing it there

    i would look on the Windows 98 os drive and look in the boot.ini and copy something that says: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    copy that (it should say Windows 98 not XP) over to your Windows XP boot.ini

    now depending on what drive you have booting up i don't know if you have the 98 or XP loading first, but whatever you have loading first you need to copy the other ones boot.ini entry that looks like the above one. let me know if you get this to work. you can reach me at element1eros@shaw.ca good luck

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