A heated Debate: Time Travel

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Thread: A heated Debate: Time Travel

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    Exclamation A heated Debate: Time Travel

    Ok, a close friend and i crash at each others place, and when we finally decide to sleep, we turn everything off, and suddenly start talking, and stay up for a few more hours. however, one time we got into a very heated debate about Time Travel. i deem it to be impossible while he deems it to be possible. however, neither of us win.. we just end up laughing at how ... impossible out suggestions become and how flawed the reasoning is.

    However, i would like to hear your own opinions on the matter, and i really do hope to get a large response and lots of reasons for both sides.





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    Jun 2003
    Time travel is possible in theory, howerver current understanding of the physical universe makes it impossible... why?


    Everyone sees that equation all the time, but that single entity is the demise of time travel.
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    Ok, the law E=Mc^2 has been proven to work. Then how can sometime in the future can that law be broken or proved otherwise.

    And IF time travel was possible, why hasnt someone from the future come back to modern day?

    [edit]Perhaps its just a lack of energy to power such a convention.

    energy cannot be created no destroyed, but can only be transfered
    that basically means that in all time in the universe(s) there is the same amount of energy, but it is only transfered between mass.

    If it was a matter of power to get such a convention to work, where would they deduct it from? and would it cause destruction because of an inbalance, like the atom bomb?[/edit]


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    It would come from the Flux Capacitor and take 1.21 Jigawatts.
    West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.

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    Time travel is impossible

    It is impossible to travel in time. The universe would not and could not allow it.

    Hypothetical situation:
    You travel back in time and kill your mother before you are concieved. Now how can you be concieved to go back in time and kill your mother before you are concieved? You are not conceived and your mother dies, then since you were not born she lives and concieves you so you can go back in time and kill her! Indeed if this were to happen it would be much like an infinite loop, or 1 divided by zero, an undefined end. Maybe time is a conscious being who would destroy you if you violated it in such a way. You and your family would become unpersons and have never existed. Maybe that is why no one can travel back in time, because you are instantly destroyed for ripping across the delicate fabric of earths 4 dimension. Anyway it is my belief that you cannot go back in time successfully.
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    Another Theory: Maybe that HAS happened and we are already in some kind of loop. that way we would not be able to know, or make any advances on technology to reverse effects and we could not move forth at all....

    now the interesting part: how would we know?


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    It is theoretically possible, although as you stated, it would take impossible amounts of energy to perform.

    I have actually done much thinking about this topic. Basically it comes down to gravitational time dialation, particle accelerators, and speeding mass up as close as possible to the speed of light.

    Here is a quick and dirty run down.

    Gravity warps spacetime. Which warps time also. So gravity will definetly be a factor in time travel.

    Okay, Gravitational Time Dialation: As you approach a gravitating body, your time slows down relative to the surrounding spacetime. Its been proven by einstien and experiments in the space shuttles by nasa.

    Okay, so gravity will cause you to slow down time. Now the problem is, how do we create gravity? By mass right? An object with mass, has gravity. A large mass has large gravity... etc...

    E=MC^2: As a body approaches the speed of light its mass approaches infinity. So, we take an object, speed it up to as close to the speed as light as possible, and it will create gravity. Problem solved, sort of.

    As You said, the amount of energy needed to speed up an object this fast, with an initial mass large enough to cause a noticible effect, will be close to infinit.

    So, in closing, if we can create large amount of gravity, we can alter spacetime relative to our surroundings and go forward thru time. (blackholes do this) That also explains why noone has come back in time. Because gravity cannot have a negative value, you can only move forward thru time, not back.

    I hope you enjoyed that, if you don't understand parts of it, well, tough. Go read up on astralphytsics.


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    Einstein also stated that nothing could accelerate to the speed of light.

    that being based on the statement the mass would become invinite. but maybe we need to find something ALREADY moving at the speed of light? how about light itself?

    unfortunatly light it also restricted by physical laws and is slowed down by particles. as such speeds and at such usages or energy, even a atom would be enough to rip apary what ever convention you would use to achieve such a state.

    Everything looks good on paper and EVERYthing is 'theoretically' possible. However, thats not what im asking, i was asking in your personal opinions if time travel was possible or not. i wasnt really asking who documentation on other peoples findings. i could have done that myself

    never the less the results have been interesting and has help my interest.. keep it going ppl


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    Apr 2003
    I'm still undecided. I'm an SF fan of long standing and enjoy a good time travel story. There are some good theories out there about it. Relativity poses some good questions for and against it. Recent theories addressing the practicality (or impracticality) of deep space travel tend to follow similar lines. Folding of the reality plane to get from point A to point B (wormholes) in almost no time shortcuts the limitations of relativity. But, one wonders what impact that has on relative time.

    I missed a recent story about a new theory addressing deep space travel, so I can't speak to that.

    As for time travel paradox's, I think we have a tendency to look at them and have a great deal of trouble wrapping our brain cells around them. Its like infinity, the scope and size of the universe and a few other things--hard to comprehend adequately.

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    Thats another thing, how can the universe be unlimited?

    it HAS to have an end... i just dont see how something can go on forever?


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