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Thread: Managing Switches

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    Managing Switches

    Could anyone tell me what is meant by managment of switch, because i have heard that for using SNMPc all the switches must be managed.
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    Are you looking for a tool to manage your switch? or are you looking for a definition or how to manage your switch?

    SNMP is a method of managing your switches.

    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) can be used to manage your switch in terms of setting certain variables with the snmpset command (available in UCD-SNMP package, it might be the same for SNMPc) or you could read in certain varibles and obtain information, ie. number of connections, memory usage, cpu temperature, etc..... anything that has a SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) can be managed.

    One tool you could use to read these MIBs would be MG-Soft's MIB Browser available here.

    When you hear about a company or person talking about a managed switch, that means that you can access the device, via console, telnet, SNMP or what have you and you're able to configure the device in some way.

    you can get SNMPc from CastleRock I've used an older version and it worked pretty well.

    Hope I answered your question.

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    SMS is the switch management system. You can get multiple switches to work together or configure ports to do certain things, ie, set a port to promiscous mode, or set a different speed or things like that. SNMP is used to tell the switch what to do when it is working behind the scenes (ie, tells the switch what speed the network card runs at).
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