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    Vb Online Classes

    Hey guys im really looking forward to start a career in Visual Basics Programming...and i was wondering if any of you can tell any intresting sites that i can go to and sign up for classes ..im willing to pay $900 -$1000 for tuition ,and one that will give me a career diploma ...ty

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    Ummm.....If you want a diploma I'd check your local university or community college. You could get a two year degree in programming or comp sci and eventually push those credits up for your bachelors if you like.

    Just remember....having a degree doesn't guarantee you a job, and not all jobs will require you to get a degree.
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    wikkid, use google to search for "visual basic programming" you will get plenty of
    options to choose from.
    This site or
    This site Might be a start to what you're
    looking for. TidaLphasE23.

    Also search this site for related topics, i found these threads that may also be of assistance http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=249165


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