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Thread: C Compiler help

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    C Compiler help

    im wanting to start learning C but i need to find a good compiler does any one know where i can find one ?

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    click on downloads. Of course, if you are programming on UNIX or linux just try typing "man gcc".

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    Well let's see you got a couple to choose from.

    Borland, DevC++, djgpp.

    The URL,s are.


    There are also a lot of books that come with a C compiler.
    There is one more. I can think of.


    It is a pretty good one. As are the others.

    Hum... I would say that if your going to get one though. Go with Borland. I like it.

    Uhm... As for Tutorials.

    There are crap loads on the net. You could do a google search for some. There are also alot here.

    Well that is it, I hope I helped some.


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    GCC development is a part of the GNU Project, aiming to improve the compiler used in the GNU system including the GNU/Linux variant. The GCC development effort uses an open development environment and supports many other platforms in order to foster a world-class optimizing compiler, to attract a larger team of developers, to ensure that GCC and the GNU system work on multiple architectures and diverse environments, and to more thoroughly test and extend the features of GCC.
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I'm inclined to agree with the suggestion from the last post. I've used GCC for several years and have never had problems regardless of the platform it's running on. The parameter/flag system it employs also allows far easier tweaking for your applications and projects.
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    I personally prefer the Borland compiler, which is free from http://www.borland.com/ , but if you want a whole list of good C compilers check out http://www.thefreecountry.com/compilers/cpp.shtml . lcc-win32 is also good, but I think it;s only for windows. You can find a link to that on the above page.

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    Since i had the same plight as you wheni started ANSI C so you are best off with a compiler called dev-cpp you can find it on www.sourceforge.net it is a GNU GCC port very fast and powerful and best of all free.
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    Ok, I wasn't going to say anything, but that last post has driven me to it. Dev-C++ is not a compiler. It is an IDE which uses the mingw compiler - a GCC port. You can use any GCC based compiler with Dev-C++.

    Dev-C++ is a very good ide, however, and I would recommend it to anyone new to C/C++. It has most, if not all the features you would expect with a good IDE and is very user/newbie friendly. You don't have to do a lot to get it set up as it comes packaged with the mingw compiler.

    Anyhow...sorry if that seemed like a rant, it just seems important to me to make the distinction between an IDE and a compiler.


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