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    This is just one of the reasons why I quit coming to this site, while this is a useful post for newbies, it stands for some more explanation. I would recommend a book called TCP/IP illustrated by richard stevens.
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    Erm, while a list of 1 - 100 is mildly useful, it might be far better to simply post a link to the iana port list. http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers

    d'oh....i posted this without reading ghost's post with the same thing. Oh well....
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    anybody else want to share their opinion or help out
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    The post is useful to a CERTAIN degree. Ghost and Juridain did suggest a way to save JupMed some harddrive space however. Just post the link you got the info from because if JuPMed follows JP's philosophy they will save every post ever made on this site. As a matter of fact I bet if you did a search ypu find three or four other posts that list all the ports. No biggie though. At least you are making an effort to contribute. Many aren't even doing that.

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    I am trying my hardest to help other members learn and I always post the info from the url if I have extracted something
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